With a wealth of free applications (apps) that do, well, pretty much anything, Android-run smart phones which have been on the market since November, 2009, are quickly catching up to the iPhone and Blackberry smart phone market shares, and are even pressing for more than their fair share of the personal communications markets. Pretty much everyone has seen one of those apps commercials, saying that there are apps to take pictures, browse the internet, do home banking and take pictures. There are apps for GPS mapping for journeys planned and for recording journeys taken, and pretty much anything else you could think of that might be helpful. And what could be more helpful than an app that helps you to be a more frugal shopper?
From buying the newest best-selling books, to finding that song that you keep humming but don’t know the name or the singer, DVDs, CDs, video games and books by their covers, Google Shopper is the app that could revolutionize shopping in stores. It may not be very good for those who do the majority of their shopping online, but for those who still love to go to the stores, and see what’s on sale and what’s new, Google Shopper is the penultimate shopper’s little helper.

Google Shopper can store everything that you purchase, or follow certain items for when they go on sale within any given distance. Google Shopper will provide you with any reviews written about what you are looking at, and view prices from nearby stores, or even make a favourites list. There are many more items being added to Google Shopper to help make it an overall shopping helper.

There are three ways to use Google Shopper;

1) Bar Code Reader. Use the camera to take a reading of the bar code on the book, DVD, CD or video game that you are interested in at the store. Google Shopper, knowing where you are by using the enabled GPS, will then show you where else you can buy the same product, at what prices, and even show you, on Google Streets or Google Maps, where the other stores are, and the prices they charge. You make the decision as to whether it is worth the gas, energy and extra time to drive, walk or take public transportation to another location to buy the item at the lower cost.

2) Camera. Use the camera of your Android powered smart phone to take a picture of the cover of the book, CD, DVD, game or whatever other products that are presently supported by Google Shopper, and Google Shopper does the rest of the work for you. You can find your prized possessions in nearby stores or online, with the shipping and taxes included in the total price, for a more complete and accurate price comparison.

3) Voice. Yes, Star Trek fans, you can now talk to your smart phones, and have them tell you where to go, what to buy, and how much you’re going to pay for it. Who said you needed a wife to do that for you? With Google Shopper up and running, tell your smart phone what you are shopping for, and the price they are asking for it. You will be shown, or told (your choice!) if it is a good deal, or if you should buy it elsewhere.

Attention shoppers! That man you see talking to himself in the bookstore is not necessarily a lunatic asylum escapee. Nor is that woman talking to herself at the music store, or singing a few lines of a song (to find out who the singer and group are, and what the song is, which is a very groovy part of Google Shopper) is not necessarily the neighbourhood cat lady.

And no, these people are most likely not from the Star Ship Enterprise, and Captain Kirk is not in the other aisle. It just kind of seems that way, especially with the small, electric-blue lit Bluetooth enabled earpieces that do, in fact, appear very similar to the ones used by the American initialized law departments, like the CIA, FBI, DEA, MNLOP and so on, and seem very close to the chest communicators worn by the earlier Star Trek crew, who were quite busy going where no man has gone before; shopping for the best prices and better deals.

Shop on! And, don’t forget your Android-run smart phone, with Google Shopper downloaded and running, your GPS enabled, and maybe Google’s Street View for a more realistic view of the unfamiliar neighborhoods in which you may find yourself in, saving serious money on major purchases, and maybe using the savings towards your next vacation.

And pretty soon, Google Shopper will be able to help you with that too.

Shop smart. Shop informed.