An instant access to application or programs right near the search bar is provided in form of task bar in windows 10, Without  searching the application in the search menu or in windows application tab you can easily pin that application to the taskbar by following simple steps and can unpin/hide it from the taskbar after use. There can be multiple applications added in the taskbar or you can hide the taskbar by not adding any of the application, taskbar in windows 10 is providing an easier access to application using feasible navigation.

Direct navigation to applications using taskbar in windows 10 is user feasible technique, being the system controller you can manually choose whether to hide the taskbar or pin taskbar containing one or multiple number of application in it. We will be sharing the information to pin or hide taskbar in windows 10 and also pin or unpin number of applications in taskbar if you are opting to use it.

There are only few steps to pin or hide taskbar in windows 10, you can easily follow an image tutorial shared below and counter your results for the same.

  1. Pin taskbar in windows 10:

In the above image the task bar is being hidden in the desktop mode, you can easily switch it off to access the task bar.

Now the taskbar is being pinned, number of applications can be access on single click. Windows 10 is making a feasible access and also letting user to opt different options to pin or hide taskbar in desktop or tablet mode, can choose size of buttons in task bar and location of taskbar can also be managed. All these options are provided in windows 10 for all its users, making use of it is up to the user.

You can also pin or unpin number of application to the task bar according to your use, it can be possible using simple steps.

Just right click on the application and choose to access it or unpin it from the taskbar.

Move into the windows menu to pin any application or program in the taskbar.

This is the way to pin applications to taskbar, windows 10 allows you to manage it manually and place them to the taskbar according to your needs. Multiple numbers of application can be pin to the taskbar and can unpin it also.

2. Hide taskbar in window 10:

Right click on the taskbar tab and move to taskbar settings, or simply search taskbar settings in the search bar

Or you can also use this way:

Right click on the taskbar and move to taskbar settings:

Below image will be open when clicked on taskbar settings.

You can easily hide or pin taskbar in windows 10 using above steps and can make a manual use of controlling these structures.

Above shared steps can easily counter the aimed results and can let you control your taskbar either pin it or hide it. You can easily follow these steps according to your need as every possible outcome related to taskbar can be managed here.