The Chieftec Server Chassis is a Workstation Tower although it can be used for personal computers also. It is constructed out of Aluminium which increases the price but decreases the weight considerably. This can be a useful asset if you go to a lot of LAN parties. This case is perfect for modders in the fact that it comes with a side acrylic window and has room for five 80mm fans. The front part of the case has a cover attached which hides the front drives. It improves the appearance of the case and also means that you won’t need to spray paint your drives black to match the case.

Practicality: Even if your not a serious modder, this case might appeal to you. It has a lot of extra functions that increase it’s practicality. The front of the case has two USB 2.0 ports and one Firewire IEEE1394 port. Having these ports at the front rather than the back gives a lot more room for cables and also makes it easier to add and remove USB or Firewire dependant hardware. The case also comes with a lock on the side panel which is more for preventing children from getting into the case than for stopping burglars from getting into it.

Drive bays: The case is built with four 3.5″ internal drive bays and two 3.5″ external drive bays. There are also four 5.25″ external drive bays. This is enough room to hold four hard drives, two floppy drives and four CD or DVD ROM drives.


It seems that nothing was missed when Chieftec was designing this case. They have achieved a perfect ballance between practicality and appearance. Whilst still looking amazing and being perfect for showing off your PC, it still has many useful features. The price ranges from $64.00 to $99.00 which is also very reasonable, especially considering that it is made from alluminium which tends to bump up the price.


The Chieftec Server Chasis is both attractive yet practical and its very reasonably priced aswell. There are very few bad points with it compared to the good points and so, considering this, I would have to rate this case 9 out of 10.

Good Points:

Room to mount five 80mm case fans.

Well built and sturdy.

Front USB 2.0 ports (not 1.1).

Attractive side acrylic window.

Great value for money.


LOTS of room

Bad Points:

No removable motherboard tray.

Front plastic cover may cause a problem if using a drive that sticks out too much.

Locks do not protect effectively.

Side panel is a little flimsy

Specs and features round up:


Form Factor:ATX.

Side acrylic window.

Two front USB 2.0 ports.

One front Firewire IEEE1394 port.

Four 5.25” external drive bays.

Two 3.5” external drive bays.

Four 3.5” internal drive bays.

Seven expansion slots.

Room for five 80mm fans.

Lock on side panel.

Front cover that hides drives.