We are presenting this review as it is one of the best selling notebook on amazon uk. Toshiba Satellite C660-125 is a 15.6 inch Notebook that is powered by Intel Celeron T3500 Processor and comes with ample 3GB RAM. Its hard disk is 320 GB sufficient for most of your purpose. Let us take a look at the individual components of this notebook.


Toshiba C660-125 is powered by the Celeron T3500 which is essentially a 2.1 GHz dual core processor. It is relatively old processor, that has front side bus at 800 MHz. The front side bus is the bus which connects the processor to another chip, which in turn communicates with the memory and peripheral. The processor has slow memory communication because it first communicates with the chipset which in turn communicates with the memory. This is unlike the newer Intel core i3 processors, which communicate with the memory directly using its integrated memory controller. The Celeron T3500 should be good enough for home and office computing, but you may like to take a look at the recent entry level core i3 based notebooks if you are looking for some better performance without paying too much extra.

Memory and Hard Disk

The Satellite C660-125 comes with copious 3 GB RAM. Since the operating system eats up close to 1 GB of RAM you are left with only 2 GB of RAM. This should be good enough for most of your multitasking needs. The hard disk of 320 GB is good enough for most of your purposes unless you are looking forward to store a very large number of videos. Display

The Toshiba Satellite C660-125 comes with decent 15.6 inch display which gives out decent bright color.


Satellite C660-125 Laptop comes with the following connectivity

– 2 USB Connectors – Headphone and Microphone – VGA Connector – Ethernet

This is pretty much standard connectors that come with almost all the notebooks that come with laptops now a days. Other Features This Toshiba Satellite Laptop does come with the webcam, something that you must always check in any entry level notebook, since many of them do not come with one. It also comes with a DVD drive, that you can use to watch movie or install softwares that come on DVD. The DVD drive is an additional feature that puts this notebook ahead of the netbook, that do not come with DVD drives. The integrated wifi lets you browse the internet on a hotspot or on you home or office wifi network.


The Toshiba Satellite C660-125 is a decent entry level notebook available for a little over £329 making it a bargain purchase. However, its processor is not high and and if you are looking for somewhat better processing power you may like to head your search towards some of the entry level core i3 based notebooks. For home and office computing note requiring some great processing power, the laptop should get you going. And you can rest assured with the Toshiba quality.