Software, as everybody knows is a collection of instructions given to the computer, guiding what is to be done and how. It is the life line of the computer. There are different types of software. System software initially comprised the operating system. Today websites are also included in this category. Application software helps the user to do specific task. These may be singular or multiple tasks. Media player, Educational software, entertainment software are some examples of application software. Application software continuously interacts with the real world and helps to solve related problems. This software is designed to deal with words, letters, numbers, pictures, graphics and even different combinations of these.

There may be multiple applications grouped together to perform related functions. Application software is designed to meet the need of the user, whether it is a person or an organization. The function of the software is molded according to the need. Various functions like content editing, digital animation editing, and digital audio and video composition can be done. Application software can be used for general purpose as well as specific function. It can be used for browsing or to perform some specific task like education, accounting, business administration, customer care and so on. Application software can find market in almost all the areas right from word processing to blue tooth. It is an integral part of many industries.

It is of immense importance in areas like entertainment, education, communication, business, health, government and what not! Science uses this for various purposes. Artificial intelligence, astronomy, genetics, molecular biology, genomics, cell biology, health sciences, micro biology and chemical as well as physical science are some areas which widely depend on application software for its effective functioning and development. It is designed to meet the needs of end users. It is undoubtedly helpful in increasing the business volume. In modern world, any simple task needs assistance of a system. Controlling a large scale application without the help of a system and software is beyond imagination. It is really important in your life.