Warrior Kings: Battles is continuing the series of Warrior Kings of those from Black Cactus. From the original project, the producer learned more from the mistakes, solving the problems and lacks signaled by the critics. The game is located in the fantasy world named Orbis, which looks pretty much like Europe in the medieval ages. You will face new various opponents, and you will need to conquer 22 new territories in order to finish the game. The similarities with history stops here, each of the three factions having specific units, from fantasy creatures of the Pagans, to the religious fanatics of the Imperials and the ones oriented towards technology of the Renaissance.

The major difference between Battles and other games of this genre consists in the fact that you don’t pick from the beginning a faction you can rule. So, depending on the choices you make while going on the technological scale, will determine which units are available for you. For example, building a church at the beginning will take you on the Imperial way. This will stop you from building the equivalent building from the other factions, so that in a certain moment you will find yourself as being a hybrid commander like “Pagan-Renaissance” or “Imperial-Renaissance”, and opening the path to other strategically options consisting in the army you will command. One of the strengths of the game is this flexibility and possibility to deviate from the rigidity of a single faction. Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne – RTS

You can realize if an expansion pack is really great only after you played it and you realize you cannot go back to the original game. After all, the expansion packs not only add new content, but depth and general improvements.

Blizzard Entertainment knows what to offer when it comes to this genre of products, having as examples Starcraft from 1998 and Diablo II in 2000, which were and still are efficient, that many people still play them these days. With the experience of the Blizzard company, it is perfectly normal that their fans to have big expectations for the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. Warcraft 3 is a very good game from many points of view: the single player campaigns are offering an interesting and attractive story which is told by four unique points of view; different races which contain numerous and viable features and tactics; the Gameplay which is based on action and training reward and skills. The powerful scenario editor which allows designing your own missions or even creating gameplays by using the 3D graphics engine. Frozen Throne adds and improves all the listed features and more.

In the single player campaigns of Frozen Throne, you will be enchanted to find out that it is offering pretty much the same material as in Warcraft III. The campaigns continue the story which finished in Warcraft III. The missions are offering a remarkable variety from one end to another, and I don’t think it is inappropriate to say that these contain the most interesting single player scenarios of all RTS until now.

Frozen Throne adds 3 new environment modes which look even better than the original game, some new units at every race and new abilities for some of the original units, and one of the most important is introducing the 4th hero for each race, things which will be appreciated in the single player mode, where you will experience them. After which you can use in the multiplayer games.