The ongoing fall in flash memory prices is resulting in corresponding price reductions of MP3 player costs and a boom in the market. One of the most cost effective MP3 player options available today is the Samsung S3Slim. This is a really smart and slick looking player that can keep you occupied just looking at it even when it’s turned off. And the price? At $70 for the 4 GB version and $100 for the 8GB, there are few better deals, at least in terms of cost.

My Rating: Looks: Performance: Ease of use: Overall Rating: The S3 slim is somewhat similar to its predecessor, the T10, in looks but the increased slimness of the design gives it a real touch of class, as do the rounded edges. When held in the hand, the S3 Slim feels sturdy enough. The metallic body has been given a clear coat which not only gives it a great deal of scratch resistance, but also a stylish and smooth look. In addition the clear coat means that the colors are not smudge prone as is often the case in shiny devices.

The S3 Slim justifies its name, measuring only 3.7 inches x 1.7 inches x 0.3 inches. This makes it only very slightly larger that the iPod Nano. The screen however is, at 1.8 inches, smaller than both that of the Nano and the T10. 0.2 inches may not seem like much, but look at it as being a 10% reduction in screen size you will understand the difference this makes. That being said, the 176 x 220 pixel display is quite clear and bright. However this display is not really that good for video playback, although the S3 Slim does support MPEG-4 transcoded playback and the results are just about okay. But this is basically a music player with the video as an extra.

The quality of audio is exceptional and is among the best you will find on this type of MP3 player. While the ear buds that come with he unit are fairly good, they do not do justice to the quality of the audio output and to get the best experience, it is worthwhile spending a bit and getting a pair of top end ear buds.

The device has controls that are sensitive to touch, and are located on the front of the unit, just under the display. And the power switch placed off to the right. Connecting to a Windows based computer for transferring music and video is easy using the MTP protocol. This unit can play music in just about any format so compatibility is rarely, if ever, an issue.

The S3 Slim offers a lot of extra like a text reader, JPG image viewer and an FM Radio. The text reader and JPEG viewer are fine but the FM reception leaves a lot to be desired, although to be fair, the area where the S3 Slim was tested did not have the best FM reception, even for big dedicated radios.

The player gets its power with a lithium polymer battery, with a rated capacity of 24 hours of audio playback and a little over 5 hours of video.