F.E.A.R. – First Encounter Assault Recon

At a first sight, the story can seem too dusty. Paxton Fettel, a commander who can telepathically control the clone soldiers, and starts killing all he can see. The player is part of the F.E.A.R., a special division from the American army specially created to solve these kinds of paranormal incidents, and the main mission is to eliminate Paxton Fettel, without his control, the Replica soldiers no longer present a threat. After you will walk about a quarter from the game, you will see that Paxton Fettel’s objectives are not as clear as they seemed at the beginning. Some questions remain unanswered and the end of the game is a cliché. The story from F.E.A.R. is more than well rennet. I might admit as well, that the minor role of the other team members in the game going is disappointing. The feeling of you against all is present here also. No one is saying that they should have transformed the game into a squad based shooter, but more personality for the secondary characters wouldn’t kill anyone.

While the fights, which have a ferocious intensity, probably you would not have time to think at these kinds of existential problems. When talking about action, Monolith made very well their homework: the weapons really sound like weapons and the projectile impact feeling is very well played. The shotgun probably will be the weapon you will use the most, along with the assault rifle and the particle weapon. For John Woo fans there are two pistols you can use in the same time, where you add a rocket launcher, some grenades, a sniper rifle, an MP5 and a nail gun you can use to target enemies through walls in a very artistic way. You can use a series of melee hits in order to quietly kill. Adding the possibility to use the slow motion (Max Payne, Enter the Matrix), in short doses, we obtain the perfect recipe for some action scenes at least spectacular. If you aim carefully, you can slash the head, leg, or hands, while a grenade will spread the unfortunate’s remains all over the walls. Not even the surrounding environment will not escape after a serious fight, the sensation of chaos and destruction is also present: holes in walls, chairs, tables or computers, destroyed boxes, broken windows shattered in thousands of shivers, on which you add the dust or other particles which rise in the air in the moment the hell is unleashed. As a bonus, some background elements, as fire extinguishers or gas cylinders can be used as beautiful fireworks which will fry any enemy around (even you if you are not careful). Remarkable is the fact that you cannot carry more than three weapons along, which will force you in some situations to take some tactical decisions, which will prove to be inspired or which will send you straight to the hospital. And talking about that, the frustrations caused by the necessity of repeating a specific part from a level are nonexistent, F.E.A.R. is using checkpoints, quick saves and classic game saves in order to reintroduce you in the game work as close as possible to the point where you left it. Also, you won’t miss the health kits and armor, even if in the first levels, limited quantities of ammo could be a problem.