The call center outsourcing industry has changed in leaps and bounds over the last few years. In the past, when the industry first started out, the contact centers were small and scattered agencies. But now, it is really such a humongous global affair that provides service from anywhere in the world reaching customers also from literally any country. Such client companies that need the services of these centers are also as diverse as can be. Both large and small countries need the call services. Be it profit oriented to charitable goals, organizations and businesses need call agent services. Some companies need massive groups manning the inbound or outbound calls while some need only a few for <a href=”″>market research</a> purposes. But whatever the size and description of these needs, the technology that enables both to work is pretty much the same.

What does the call center look like nowadays? It is a huge office sometimes occupying several floors, sometimes occupying an entire building. The floor of is full of desk dividers, like a labyrinth, but full of agents sitting in front of computers while wearing a headset and microphone piece on their head. The really modern centers use the wireless kind of headsets. The computer screens should be flat so that it is low radiation and easy on the eyes. The swivel office chairs are all comfortable and easy to maneuver. These set up enable the agents hands to be free to type in information as well as search information for the customer’s queries and requests. The programs used in such modern companies enables easy tracking and call management. The number of times orders are received and the time consumed by each call are easily placed in the database. The calls are also evenly distributed among the agents. Quality control and data organization are a snap.

In the modern age of these contact center companies, there is no longer any need for overflowing cabinets for the file data. Such things have long been rendered useless anyway in any office in the dawn of the advanced computer age where data files are all stored in the computer and easily accessed with just a simple keyword search.

The walls of each workspace divider can differ from company to company. But these are usually about more or less than four feet high so that agents may be able to tip toe up and speak to anyone beyond the cubicle as well. But they are just high enough to provide a good sound barrier that is important in order to minimize the talking noise in the floor.

Such modern conveniences and set ups are of course not the biggest changes from the old to the new. The biggest change is the VoIP phones. These VoIP phone is the centerpiece and the engine of the modern call center outsourcing industry. With such a cheap and effective communication line, centers from the other side of the world can service those customers at the opposite end of the world, something that would have been too inconvenient and expensive in the past.