We can send email attachments to send files along with our email messages. Any kind of file can be sent through emails but mostly these are text documents or some images. This however, has a limitation because of the size constraints. Technology has provided us an ease to share and send files. But because of the size limitation, one may find difficulty to share large files with the peers and clients. Sometimes file takes too much time for delivery, reason being their large size. The system often hangs due to this. The question is, why we choose this unnecessary cumbersome procedure when there are other options available to send such files in even more efficient way.

Few of them are enlisted below:

If you have a Google account, then you must be aware of the Google drive application, which allows us to drag and drop our files in order to keep them in sync with Google space. It also has an advantage as it has the ability to collaborate on a document.

Now-a-days, dropbox is certainly the easiest way to send or share your data. Its account allows you to share data upto a limit of 5 GB storage and if you want to have some more space, then you can have that by simply paying a low monthly fee. It gives you local dropbox folder where you can simple drop your files and then, can share it with other people. The greatest benefit of using this is that if some changes are being made to a local file, these changes are re-synced and the shared file is immediately updated.

Now, if you are not using transfer of large files on regular basis, you can use this site. If you are occasionally sending a file to the recipient, this will serve you the best. It is a free and simple to use. One doesn’t need any account to upload a file. Simply upload your file and the recipient will receive an email with a link from where he/she can download their file. If you wish to send files on regular basis, you can use the site for free with some limited features.

This is another way to share large files. You can simply drag your file to the website page or you can browse the desired file from your computer. You just have to copy the link provided on the website while your file is being uploaded. Give this link to the recipient directly. He/she can paste this link to their browser and your file is being shared in few seconds. There is no size limit for this site. It just acts as a connection between you and your recipient.

This concludes my quick view at the alternatives to send large files over internet. However, there are hundreds more that I haven’t mentioned here. For instance:

And many more! So, your suggestions are welcomed and please comment below if you find any particular impressive service which is capable of sending large files online.