These days, a lot of folks who wish to get an internet business going are beginning with PTCs — Pay to Click web sites. I, myself, began that way. However, before I go forward, in the event that you don’t have a clue as to how these sites work, allow me to explain further. A PTC website pays you a small amount for merely watching a short advert, normally lasting around thirty seconds or so. Everytime you view an entire ad (they usually last more or less 30 seconds), a small amount of money is deposited into your PTC account, which can only be accessed when you’ve collected a defined amount, often in the $5 range. Likewise, most of these sites have a bit more to them, like special options available only to members, and referral rewards.

You could round up your own referrals, or you purchase them; either way you are going to take in roughly one-half of the money they generate by watching adverts themselves. Simply Put, if you get paid $0.01 for viewing an advert, you’ll also get $0.005 whenever each one of the people who signed up under you does the same. It may not seem that lucrative, but think about if you had thousands of referrals working for you. There are also special membership options that let you obtain more referrals, more adverts and more cash for every click (usually for both your own clicks and your referrals’ clicks). These optional membership plans can be expensive, but many will let yyou make more cash over time.

Now let’s say you sign up to a PTC program and it has four advertisements. You purchase a membership and you receive one thousand referrals. And let’s say that both you and your referrals earn one penny per click. Do the math. That’s $forty bucks for you, if all 1000 of your referrals watch all four advertisements. You would agree, that doesn’t look awful. Forty bucks each day can come in handy.

Well, the hard truth is, most Pay-to-Click programs are scams. Essentially, PTCs are mostly pyramid schemes. A pyramid scheme is where people put in cash expecting more money in return after some time, but the person in charge merely disburses more cash to a few of the people and the other people are left with nothing, or very little. So, if 10 people invest $10 each, that’s a hundred bucks. The schemes leader may return fifteen bucks to four of his downline, leaving the rest of the members unpaid. The way PTC programs accomplish this is through getting you to invest in membership and referrals (usually not even actual people but bots) and then they pay you out with money that other folks have put in membership and referrals. The cash generated by clicking on advertisements in no way covers their outlays, especially when many of the so-called “referrals” are nothing but bots. Before long, people quit signing up, and the later arrivals to the plan are hung out to dry. If you are among the ones close to the top, in from the get-go, there’s a good chance of making a bit of cash, but it is not balanced by the risks.

I advise you do not get involved with pay to click web sites. The only way you will be able to make even a small amount of money is to be the head scammer or one of his buddies. Everybody else who join turns a loss. I don’t like the odds . . . or the karma.

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