GTK Computer Solutions started trading in 1995 in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, Hamilton and the Glasgow areas. This area has expanded greatly to include Motherwell, East Kilbride, Bothwell and Blantyre. You could say we have been in all the usual towns around the local South Lanarkshire area.

Since then we have been servicing computer in private people’s homes for many years. Most of the problem we have found with working with private individuals. Are usually software related.

Over the years we have grown many friends that come back to us time and time again. Not that often may I ask. Once we have sorted your problem we do keep in touch with clients just to make sure no problems have arisen. As a computer engineer have I noticed that if one can catch a problem early enough this can solve many related problems which have developed or could develop?

Yes I am sure you have often told yourself ‘This computer is not as fast as when I first bought it.’ That’s true as the computer gets older. Computers do slow down. This is because it’s not a secret like other would tell you. The constant installing new trial software, or uninstalling software that you don’t use anymore. Updating or adding new personal files of your own. So in this we can help you optimise your system to work faster, don’t get me wrong we can’t return it to the state it was, when you first purchased your computer. Yet we can make it faster for you.

Also with the desktop computer then these can easily be upgraded to help increase the speed of your system.

As you see I have gone of topic. I did start out telling you about the company, yet as you may have noticed it’s not really about the company more about what we can do for you. So if you have found interest in the above subject matter. Which sounds like it’s happening to your system, give us a call I am sure we can resolve some to your problems before they become too serious.

Yes, I’m sure some of you reading this may think I wish I could afford to have someone check my computer. Well for a basic modest fee, we can optimise some of your computer and at the same time give you a full quote for anything that may require doing. What I usually tell clients is, think of it like a mini MOT for your computer. That way just like when you place your car in the garage, they tell you what is wrong. Giving you the options to have, the most important points put right. With the underpinning problems that shall have to be sorted given a little time.

Well I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this page. If you have any question please do not hesitate, contact at the number below, or Email us at happy computing!