Market analysis has been done. Keywords have been carefully chosen. Even your bidding has been completed so that your ad remains in the top position and is still within your budget. Your campaign looks as if it will be going strong for the next 6 months.

But hold on! Do not sit back and relax yet. To be sure of success you may have to do a little more work. So what do you do now?

The next plan of action:

This is where you get down to the “nitty gritty.” You will need to keep your eye on each of your campaigns. Only then will you be able to judge your ad’s performance.

There are a number of methods to keep an eye on your campaigns. However we will address just one here. Google Adwords provides you with effective tools to track visitors and see how well keywords are performing. Web logs are another great source to let you know which ads are drawing visitors and making sales.

It is vital for the success of your ad that it is pulling well, because if it is not you will lose a lot of money. If your ad is not doing well it may be bringing in traffic with no sales. This in turn will cost you as you will be paying for clicks regardless of whether you receive any sales. With this in mind you should take extra care in your selection of keywords, so that you can make the maximum profit.

How to deal with a poor performing ad?

If you have done your preparations for your campaign correctly you should see your ad in a good position. However if you are not seeing sales the ad is not performing well. To reverse this situation you will need to examine the actual cause of the problem.

Keywords are vital to the success of your ad. In fact this is what your whole campaign is based on. Choice of keywords for your ad is very important. In fact if keywords are not correct your whole campaign can fail.

More often than not your ad may not be performing well due to a poor choice of keyword.

Perhaps you are using a popular keyword? You know that these types of keywords will draw many visitors to your site. This seems to be a good idea on the surface but when you examine the situation it occurs to you that this might not be the way to go.

How can a popular keyword hurt your sales?

The reason is that they are not specific to your particular product or service. This means that they will bring in lots of traffic but few if any sales. Searchers who make use of these types of keywords are not really interested in buying but are just looking for information.

Searching for the right keyword?

* Look for less popular keywords that have enough searches to attract visitors.

* Should be specific about your product; this way only your target market will visit your site.

Regular checks on your ads will help in making your Google Adwords campaign a success. So go ahead and make your product ‘the next big thing’ to hit the market.