or those who use headphones in public, a headphone jack is essential for music listening on-the-go. However, when you’re on the bus, it might not be so easy to switch off your headphone safety feature. With this simple trick, however, you can safely enjoy your music without worrying about disturbing others.

How To Turn Off Headphone Safety On Your iPhone.


What is the headphones safety feature?

The headphone safety feature is a simple mechanism in most headphones that blocks out any sound when it’s not in use. This safety feature can be helpful on buses, trains, or other public places where the noise levels are high and you need to focus on your music.

To turn off the safety feature on your headphones, simply plug the headphone jack into a different port or switch off your device. The headphone jack will no longer be connected to anything so the headphone safety feature will stop working. You can now enjoy comfortable listening without worrying about bothering others!

Note: If you’re wearing headphones with this safety mechanism while they’re plugged into a different device, it won’t work.


How to turn off the safety feature on your iPhone

When you’re not using headphones, the safety feature is activated to prevent accidental disconnection. To turn off your safety feature on an iPhone, follow these steps:

1) Open up “Settings”

2) Scroll down to “General” and click on it

3) Click on “Accessibility”

4) Scroll down to “Auto-Lock” and click on it

5) Turn off the switch next to “Headphones Off”


Why do people not want you to use headphones in public?

Many people feel like headphones can be a nuisance to others. They may not want you to disturb their sleep or block their ears when they are on the phone. And make no mistake, that is exactly what a headphone jack does!

One solution is to invest in noise-canceling headphones; these will still let you enjoy your music while being more discreet. But, if you want to stay true to the traditional headphone jack and listen with the safety feature on, you’ll need a different solution.

One option is buying a splitter that allows you to plug two headphones into one headset jack. This way, it’s easy for people around you to hear only their part of the conversation without disturbing everyone else. Another option is buying an adapter that connects a headphone wire directly into your phone’s microphone input port, so your music never comes out through the speakerphone.



When the safety feature is turned on, you’ll have to connect your headphones to your phone’s port with a lightning cable. This is inconvenient and doesn’t allow you to use headphones and charge your phone at the same time. To turn off the safety feature, navigate to “Settings” and “Display & Brightness.”